Use this calendar to book photoshoots with a photographer or if you are a photographer. Using this link will give you entire studio to yourself. There is no limit to how many people you may bring with you.  Purchase enough hours for set up time, shoot time, and clean up time!
You may bring your clients in our studio while we are open to the public for selfies (Wednesday-Sunday, 2-8pm) and only pay the $22 admission fee, but there may be other people in the studio if they purchased tickets in the same time slot.

Monthly Memberships

We offer monthly memberships for photographers. This will give you access to the entire space anytime! You will be given a code to enter the space prior to arriving.

Perks: Anytime access, sneak peaks to all of our new set ups, free use of props (smoke machine, strobe lights, etc). No additional fee to use any backdrops that arent already up.


$300/month - 3 hours per month

$600/month - 6 hours per month

$1,500/month - Unlimited hours

After signing up, you will get a welcome email from us with all information and a calendar to reserve times within 24 hours. If you are reserving a time during our hours of operation to the public, you may be sharing the space.

Get Membership